2016 NC Food Council Accomplishments

We, at Community Food Strategies, are proud of the growing network of food councils across the state.  To highlight some of the many accomplishments that food councils achieved in 2016, we created this graphic based on a similar image the Food Policy Network created to showcase food council accomplishments nationwide.  We are inspired by these communities organizing around food and farm issues, and hope this collection of their work also inspires others.

This collection of accomplishments is based on conversations Community Food Strategies team members had with nearly all of the food councils across North Carolina. We only included a portion of accomplishments that we heard to showcase the diversity of their work and diversity of councils across the state.

To support the development of this growing network of food councils, we convened regional gatherings, facilitated organizational development and strategic planning processes, and hosted trainings and workshops.  Next year, we’re looking forward to doing more of this work, as well as continuing to capture the stories of food council impacts across the state.

We truly enjoy working with all of the North Carolina food councils and are looking forward to deepening those relationships and having greater impact in the upcoming year!



2016 North Carolina Food Council Accomplishments

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