What is a Food Council?

Community-based coalitions: Who, why, and where?

Phases of Council Development

A progression in stages unique to each community.

NC Local Food Councils

A growing network of councils across North Carolina.

Latest Articles

Ten low-hanging fruit actions for food councils

Balancing process and action is a crucial skill for getting and keeping community at the table.

A Funding Mechanism to Spark the Local Food Economy

How Cabarrus County used present-use value tax income to support their Agricultural Economy

Join the Local Food Council of North Carolina

The Local Food Council of NC (LFCNC), which serves as the statewide food council, is seeking three new members to represent local food councils, one from each of three regions in North Carolina (West, Central, East) to serve for a…

2016 NC Food Council Accomplishments

We captured some of the many accomplishments that NC food councils achieved in 2016.

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Plate of the Union food truck

Partnerships to elevate local food policy – Community Food Strategies, Plate of the Union and local food councils

Four food councils hosted Candidate Meet & Greet Events, talking all things food and farming with current and future elected officials.

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Feast Down East: Partnering with Local Government

Attendees learned how to strengthen community involvement, explored council structures, learned how to engage with local governments from keynote speaker, Dr. Samina Raja, and began developing regional priorities at this year’s Feast Down East conference.

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