What is a Food Council?

Community-based coalitions: Who, why, and where?

Phases of Council Development

A progression in stages unique to each community.

NC Local Food Councils

A growing network of councils across North Carolina.

Latest Articles

Coming Together: Food Councils in the Triangle

The four food councils in the Triangle region swap stories and discuss potential collaboration.

A Passion for Food Pantries: Finding from the Wake County Food Pantry Study

Capital Area Food Network takes on strategies in the Comprehensive Food Security Plan.

Northeast Gathering 2018: Developing a Regional Identity

Food councils gathered in Greenville for an opportunity to connect and share stories and visions for the future.

What does an equitable food system look like in your community?

Attendees at the Statewide Food Council Gathering in North Carolina in December of 2017 shared these responses to the above question. This video and compilation of responses is part of Community Food Strategies work to create a shared language about…

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What did we achieve in 2017?

View the 2017 NC Food Council Accomplishments Honeycomb and our 2017 Annual Report.

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Building Capacity at the 2017 NC Statewide Food Council Gathering

Nearly 180 people attended to sharpen skills, share resources, build momentum, and foster a collaborative community.

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