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Coordinate a Local Election Season Event

This fall, Community Food Strategies and Plate of the Union are offering their organizing support to NC local food councils to host election season events.


Connecting Communities and the Supply Chain

Touring a food processing facility, mapping supply chain assets, developing regional priorities, and building cross-county relationships were all part of this Northeast NC gathering.


Building Capacity in the Triangle

Nearly 50 people took part in story-telling practice, regional visioning, economic development tools, and a brief history of agriculture in Orange County at the Triangle Gathering.


Feast Down East: Partnering with Local Government

Attendees learned how to strengthen community involvement, explored council structures, learned how to engage with local governments from keynote speaker, Dr. Samina Raja, and began developing regional priorities at this year’s Feast Down East conference.

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WNC Foodshed Summit – Deepening Partnership

Nearly 100 gathered to spend the day collectively building a regional identity and regional priorities for food and farm initiatives with the recent release of the Appalachian Foodshed Project WNC Community Food Insecurity Assessment.

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Network Weaving in Davidson County

by Jared Cates, Community Mobilizer at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Grace and Cary Kanoy have been making themselves known in their community in Thomasville, NC. They’ve joined many local boards, they’re leading an effort to develop a food council,…

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